This Week at Evangel

December 3

Pastor John Holt – the man Pastor Barry refers to as his pastor – spoke as we celebrated five years with the Browns!   Check out the “Fifth Anniversary” Page with photos.

Our Sunday night prayer time has been a blessing.   As a body, we are praying for revival – within ourselves, our church, county, nation and world.   Please join us.

Prayer starts at 6:30.

Upcoming events:

Bike-a-Thon – Sponsor one of our youth in an event that will raise money for BGMC.  See Pastor CJ for details.   The date is TBD, having been postponed for two funerals.  Stay tuned.

Water Baptism December 10.  There is a sign up sheet in the foyer.

We will have a Christmas Children’s Program on December 17 at 6Pm. Please join us.