Monthly Missions – Call to Prayer

Each month we place a list of all AG Missionaries who have a birthday during the month.  This gives you a chance to pray each day for someone in particular.

Please pray for

1.       Anointing, wisdom & favor

2.       Health, strength & protection

3.       Financial supply

4.       Children’s education

5.       Care & provision when family members are separated

6.       Family’s spiritual welfare

7.       Binding of demonic oppression

8. The success of their assigned ministry on the field.

I apologize, but I cannot get the Call to Prayer to copy correctly below.  If you copy the link below, however, and paste it into your browser, you are just a click away from the monthly AG missionary birthdays.


From AGWM Communications Director Randy Hurst:

Missionaries are both sent and sustained through prayer. Testimonies abound of missionaries who discovered that the Holy Spirit impressed a faithful believer to intercede during their very moment of crisis.

Prayer is essential to the proclamation of the gospel. Preaching and publishing the gospel are not enough. Hearts must be opened. Lives must be changed. The church must be established.

In Acts 16, Lydia, a seller of purple cloth from Thyatira, listened to Paul’s preaching and responded to his message. But the Bible specifies clearly that “the Lord opened her heart” (v. 16, NIV). The omnipresent Holy Spirit goes before the messenger, preparing the soil of people’s hearts to receive the message. The Holy Spirit goes with missionaries to guide and enable them to do things beyond themselves. After the message is proclaimed, He continues to open minds to its truth and causes it to take root in the hearts of people who have heard.

Intercessory prayer is both a privilege and a responsibility. Just as Aaron held up Moses’ hands, believers sustain missionaries through intercessory prayer. What a marvelous opportunity! Though separated by thousands of miles, those who pray can be fellow workers with missionaries around the world.